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Small  Aluminum Windblown Tree   Medium Aluminum Windblown Tree   Large Aluminum Windblown Tree

approximately 8" tall, 10" long          approximately 10" tall, 13" long            approximately 11" tall, 15" long
$170                                                      $210                                                          $250
Aluminum Windblown Trees


Small Copper Patina Windblown Tree   Medium Copper Patina Windblown Tree  Large Copper Patina Windblown Tree

approximately 8 tall, 10 long          approximately 10 tall, 13 long            approximately 11 tall, 15 long
$170                                                      $210                                                          $250
Copper Patina Windblown Trees


Small  Copper Windblown Tree         Medium Copper  Windblown Tree         Large Copper Windblown Tree
approximately 8" tall, 10" long         approximately 10" tall, 13" long           approximately 11" tall, 15" long
$170                                                       $210                                                            $250
Copper Windblown Trees


Small Black Windblown Tree         Medium Black Windblown Tree         Large Black Windblown Tree
approximately 8" tall, 10" long        approximately 10" tall, 13" long         approximately 11" tall, 15" long
$170                                                      $210                                                          $250
Black Windblown Trees


Small Copper Maple Tree                 Medium Copper Maple Tree         Large Copper Maple Tree
approximately 9" tall                          approximately 10" tall                      approximately 11" tall
$170                                                              $210                                                                  $250

Maple trees can be ordered in Copper, Aluminum, Copper Patina or Black.

Copper Maple Trees


Medium Aluminum Maple Tree             Medium Patina Maple Tree         Medium Black Maple Tree
approximately 10" tall                              approximately 10" tall                      approximately 10" tall
$210                                                              $210                                                                  $210
Aluminum Maple Trees
Copper Patina Maple Trees
Black Maple Trees


Small Copper Maple Wall Tree          Medium Copper Maple Wall Tree         Large Copper Maple Wall Tree
approximately 12" tall                              approximately 14" tall                          approximately 16" tall
$170                                                              $210                                                                  $250

Maple wall trees can be ordered in Copper, Aluminum, Copper Patina or Black.

Copper Maple Wall Trees
Aluminum Maple Wall Trees
Copper Patina Maple Wall Trees
Black Maple Wall Trees


Small  Aluminum Windblown Wall Tree   Medium Aluminum Windblown Wall Tree   Large Aluminum Windblown Wall Tree
approximately 12" tall, 15" long                  approximately 15" tall, 17" long                     approximately 16" tall, 20" long
$170                                                              $210                                                                  $250

Windblown wall trees can be ordered in Aluminum, Black,Copper and Copper Patina.


Aluminum Windblown Wall Trees
Black Windblown Wall Tree
Copper Windblown Wall Tree
Copper Patina Windblown Wall Trees


Sizes are approximate because each one is hand shaped and twisted.

Shipping within the northeast is $10. We will contact you for shipping charges for other addresses.

Give us a call at 603-543-1760 and we can answer any of your questions or tell you more about the trees.

To order, send a check to:     Randy Adams   P.O. Box 369, Claremont, NH 03743-0369                      

or use paypal above. If you sign into paypal as a guest you can securely use your credit card.

If, for any reason you don't like your tree, send it back and we'll send your money back.

Gallery inquiries welcome.